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Instant Message: Alice Waters on 60 Minutes

Tue Mar 17, 2009

leah 10:31
did you watch the 60 minutes interview with Alice?

brooke burton 10:33
finally, yes. I think I fell asleep in the last 5 but yes

leah 10:34
What did you think?

brooke burton 10:34
she is so like nancy it isn’t even funny

leah 10:34
lol, that’s true

brooke burton 10:34
i thought Stahl did a good job bringing up the bigger points and letting Alice fight them…”I think good food should be a right for everyone”

leah 10:34

brooke burton 10:34
was a great quote. what did you think?

leah 10:35
I thought Stahl came off very condescending and the way they edited it made Alice look flighty and “dreamer like” rather than focused and intentional

brooke burton 10:36
well, alice does come across to MANY MANY people as a flighty dreamer

leah 10:36
and that Stahl seemed to try to undermine alice’s message…

totally, but if the intention was to call her a steamroller, they didn’t do a very good job showing that

brooke burton 10:37
based on the biography I read, she really is a dreamer with determination and good luck

leah 10:37
I just thought the questions weren’t that interesting…for such a mass audience…they were very cursory


I believe that

I dunno…I just was bothered by it

brooke burton 10:37
i thought stahl was trying to cover up for the fact that she was IN LOVE with alice

leah 10:37

where were the questions about WHY people should think about eating differently and HOW they could eat differently and HOW what alice does makes that more possible

brooke burton 10:38
good point

leah 10:38
it just seemed shallow

brooke burton 10:38
ok, you’re right

leah 10:38

brooke burton 10:38
and you should write an angry post about it, too

leah 10:38
i don’t need to be right

brooke burton 10:38
i know

leah 10:38
I was just pissed


brooke burton 10:38
i think it’s interesting how alice comes across–much like nancy–people don’t understand them

leah 10:38
I should write a short one…

yeah, i agree

brooke burton 10:39
i saw a video clip of Alice at the farmer’s market (the amateur gourmet was following her with his camera crew)

leah 10:39

brooke burton 10:39
and AG was asking all these questions about what she was buying, why she was buying what…and she picks up some eggs and tells him how to make the perfect omelette and that’s kind of the end of the clip…

and then all the comments from viewers were seriously mean

leah 10:41

brooke burton 10:41
people just don’t get Alice

leah 10:41
Here’s my question

brooke burton 10:41
they said she seemed like she didn’t know what she was doing

leah 10:41
is it important to get “alice” or is it important to get her message

(I’m constructing my post here)

brooke burton 10:41
(here’s where I love the journo in you)

leah 10:41
there are plenty of spokespeople

brooke burton 10:41

you’re absolutely right

leah 10:42
for important things that I don’t get

Angelina Jolie?

brooke burton 10:42

leah 10:42
but that doesn’t make what she’s doing any less powerful

we’re obsessed by individuals as a culture and we expect them to be perfect

brooke burton 10:42
(copy and paste this im and you’ve got yourself a blog post!)

leah 10:42
and we focus on their flaws instead of their intention


that’s a great idea

brooke burton 10:43
you are absolutely right, btw

go get ’em tiger!

Author’s Note: This was an instant message conversation between fellow blogger Brooke Burton, aka Foodwoolf, and myself this morning about the Alice Waters’ interview on 60 Minutes.

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3 Responses to “Instant Message: Alice Waters on 60 Minutes”

  1. Food Woolf Says:

    Oh my god, I can’t believe you actually took my advice! Awesome!

    Love the post! (heee heee hee!)

  2. Carolyn Says:

    Great (different!) post. It’s a good question, though. Do people need to get Alice, or her message?

  3. Top Food Related Stories Says:

    […] Instant AliceA fast-paced IM volley between myself and Spicy Salty Sweet about the 60 Minutes interview with Alice Waters inspired this fully IM’d post. […]

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