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Pop Fly Popcorn

Sat Oct 13, 2007

kettle corn

Homemade Kettle Corn

I blame my boyfriend. I hadn’t watched a full baseball game in years before we met, but since the Sox have been on our TV every day since April, it’s been hard not to get into it. Now it’s game three in baseball’s American League Championships and I’ve moved past biting my nails and am on to my fingers. We religiously checked the score while at a friend’s wedding in Ohio Saturday night, sneaking out to get an inning-by-inning summary from a fellow Sox fan watching in San Francisco, then nearly got our butts kicked at the bar after the wedding as the game went into extra innings. Tonight’s entire game has been as grueling the Saturday’s tenth and eleventh (the Sox are currently down by two in the seventh and the series is tied 1-1). If I don’t get something crunchy and sweet soon, typing may become impossible.

Kettle corn!

Inspired by fellow blogger Nicole at Pinchmysalt.com I first made kettle corn about a month ago and have since become addicted to the homemade version of this timeless treat. Salty, sweet and crunchy, it is unbelievably satisfying and surprisingly easy. Best of all, the sound of popping corn drowns out the sound of the cheering Cleveland fans.

Kettle Corn

1 cup organic popcorn kernels
¾ cup dark brown sugar
2 tbsp olive oil, butter or clarified butter

In a large heavy-bottomed pot heat oil or butter. Add three kernels to pot and cover. When all three kernels have popped add remaining kernels and sugar. Shake the pot vigorously and often, removing it from the heat occasionally to keep the sugar from burning, listening to the popping corn ricochet of the lid. When the popping slows, turn off the heat and continue shaking until the popping stops. Pour the sugarcoated corn into a serving dish and sprinkle with fleur de sel. Curl up on the couch in front of the game and crunch enthusiastically.

This great snack isn’t just perfect for soothing sports nerves, but for a Halloween treat as well. Little cellophane candy bags and some orange and black ribbons make a great cupcake or candy alternative for your kids to bring to school.

Okay, it’s the bottom of the eighth and I’ve got smokin’ hot corn to soothe my nerves, at least until hockey season starts.

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3 Responses to “Pop Fly Popcorn”

  1. ramon Says:

    so umm….do the 3 popped corn kernels stay in after being popped? or do you remove them? 🙂


  2. mrs.shelton Says:


  3. Brooke Says:

    Oh no. Another great recipe I’m going to need to make right away!

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