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Operation Oven Fried Chicken

Sun Oct 28, 2007

fried chicken

Spicy Oven Fried Chicken

When I was in college my roommate Jamie and I loved to watch movies. We often bribed each other to stop procrastinating with films: if you write the first three pages of your 10-page paper, you get to watch a half hour of a movie and one cocktail, when you finish the next three pages you get another half hour and another drink. Eventually, we’d sit and watch the end of the movie, tipsy, relaxed and overjoyed that our work was done. The movie selections varied, though kitschy romantic comedies were a perennial fave. Some choices were outright ridiculous and eventually led to additional procrastination, like Pauly Shore’s “Son-in-Law.” There’s a scene in the movie where Pauly Shore enjoys a farm-fresh country meal highlighted by crispy fried chicken. The chicken always looked so moist and delicious, punctuated by the cacophonous crunch of perfectly battered, golden skin that you could practically feel the grease dripping down your hands. The power of suggestion was overwhelming; inevitably, we’d pause the movie and head out of the house for fast-food fried chicken.

While I’ve sworn off fast food these days I still have moments when I can’t shake the craving for fried chicken. Continue reading

Recipe Difficulty: Easy
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Pop Fly Popcorn

Sat Oct 13, 2007

kettle corn

Homemade Kettle Corn

I blame my boyfriend. I hadn’t watched a full baseball game in years before we met, but since the Sox have been on our TV every day since April, it’s been hard not to get into it. Now it’s game three in baseball’s American League Championships and I’ve moved past biting my nails and am on to my fingers. We religiously checked the score while at a friend’s wedding in Ohio Saturday night, sneaking out to get an inning-by-inning summary from a fellow Sox fan watching in San Francisco, then nearly got our butts kicked at the bar after the wedding as the game went into extra innings. Tonight’s entire game has been as grueling the Saturday’s tenth and eleventh (the Sox are currently down by two in the seventh and the series is tied 1-1). If I don’t get something crunchy and sweet soon, typing may become impossible.

Kettle corn! Continue reading

Recipe Difficulty: Easy
Categories: Snacks
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End of Summer

Mon Oct 8, 2007

fig jam

Fresh Spiced Fig Jam on Buttermilk Biscuits

It’s easy to get a little detached from the seasons when you live in Los Angeles. Here, we slip, almost seamlessly from warm and sunny summer days into equally warm and sunny autumn days. The only difference tends to be the light, appearing through the window more slanted at first then fading earlier each evening. The farmer’s market overflows with end-of-season strawberries and melons and figs. Lots and lots of figs.

While this ancient fruit is generally available from June through October, it’s the plump, late-season figs, sweet and earthy, that I love best. There are hundreds of varieties of figs like the pale green-skinned Adriatic figs, with their snowy white flesh, the green Turkish Smyrna figs or the harder-to-find Magnolia’s with their tawny skin and pink flesh. Continue reading

Recipe Difficulty: Easy
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