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Sat Aug 11, 2007

Have you ever heard of the book Who Moved My Cheese? It’s about two mice in a maze that discover, long after mastering the maze, that the cheese at the end is gone. One mouse sits and laments its misfortune, slowly wasting away while wondering where the cheese has gone, waiting for it to come back. The other mouse, the mouse we assume that we should all endeavor to be more like, goes back out into the maze to seek new cheese, then, upon finding it, goes back and retrieves the other mouse and drags his reluctant tail into the future. (This is an amazing oversimplification, culled from what I took away from a book I read about seven years ago and may not be entirely accurate—but you get the point.)What the author fails to mention is that there’s another kind of mouse. The kind of mouse that, upon finding the cheese in the first place, sniffs, takes a bite, expounds on the aromas, flavor profiles and texture, declares its love of cheese and then takes off, back into the maze, in search of newer, stinkier cheeses.I’m that mouse.When I last wrote I was “Making the Mozza Life,” but frankly it wasn’t much of a life. Fourteen-hour workdays and an hour-long commute got old, quick. As much as I loved being part of L.A.’s hottest restaurant and enjoying pillowy pies and prosciutto six days a week, I decided to move on. With a brief detour into public relations, which wasn’t my slice of cheese, I’ve changed course again and am finally doing what I love, writing about wine.Which means…Brix is back (with a couple of changes).In addition to writing up the amazing wines I taste (for work and play) and occasional forays out into the world to dine and imbibe, I’m going to be writing a lot more about cooking at home—the search for recipes, the successes, the failures and the people I force to eat what I make. I’ll post recipes or links if they’re from sites like Epicurious or Food Network, pics if I’ve got them and recommendations for simple, budget-conscious wine pairings for everyday living. From you, my reader, I ask for feedback: Did you try the wine? The recipe? Do you have something you’d like me to try to make, a new pasta maker you’d like me to try or a recommendation on a place to shop? Brix was designed to be about food, wine, travel and community. I’d like to spend a bit more time on community.Are you in?Dinner Party

A Brix Dinner Party Preview

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