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Crush Crash and Photo Gallery

Tue Nov 14, 2006

Just a few weeks ago it felt as though I’d never have a day off again. I was too tired to write, to be social. Every ounce of my energy was put into making wine. But last week, as half of the ferments in tank went dry, were drained to barrel and pressed off, I began to experience “crush crash.” My arms went numb and I had what can best be explained as a cumulative hangover, the backlash of a month’s intensive learning. I crawled into bed on my first day off and am just beginning to resurface five days later and headache free, with lots of ideas and the realization that I’m moving again and have to find a job. So, while I send my resume out to every publication in the Los Angeles area that might potentially want a food and wine writer, I leave you with a slew of photos taken during crush. Check back next week for the brix revolution, as we talk to the winemakers at Pax, Chef Douglas Keane of Healdsburg’s acclaimed Cyrus, take another visit to the subject of flaws and much, much more!


The Pax crew treading grapes from Nelleson. Note the squirt bottles of vodka.


Ross digs his toes in.


These bins were nice and small. In the end, the grapes only went up to my knees.


Ross shoveling out a drained tank from the inside.


Dylan on the outside of the tank, getting the must into a pick bin for pressing.


Emptying a tank for pressing.

clean barrel

Cleaning a barrel for pressed juice.


With the grapes in the basket press, it’s time to make some wine.


Squeezing juice from the must.


Pressed juice to be pumped to barrel.


Releasing the press.


Dried must creates “the cake.”


Filled barrels ready to go into the cellar.

end of day

A bustling, busy day at Pax.

end of day

The wreckage, or what the break room looks like at the end of such a busy day.

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One Response to “Crush Crash and Photo Gallery”

  1. Jack Says:

    Great post and photos! Sorry I missed the Open House this time. (Very sad about not getting to taste the wines!) I did pick up my wines 2 days later.

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